Hosting a hybrid dinner party

In 2020, fully in person dinner parties and get-togethers haven’t always been possible. With this in mind here are some top tips on how to gather together for smooth and enjoyable gatherings, in small groups, connected virtually.

🧐 First up #wtf is Hybrid?

We have created this guide, which is jam packed with detailed advice on how to set up and facilitate Hybrid meetings. Before going further give this a little read.

Alright, now that you're wised up on everything from tech-choreography to room blueprint planning let’s map out a dinner party scenario!

What do you need to make it work? 

👨🏽‍💻 A laptop, phone or tablet with a webcam, for each group. 

🎶 A speaker if possible, if it’s a big group. 

🎥 Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, FaceTime or your preferred video call platform 

💡 Good lighting and a spot where your webcam shows a full view of the room 

🥂 A delicious recipe + some drinks 

✨ Your fave virtual game (check out “The fake Artists in New York” in Facilipedia) 

🙋🏽‍♀️ Nominate a host both online and in person

step-by-step instructions

1. Send a calendar invite, including the link to your VC so people can access it easily when the time comes.

2. Send an email (or Whatsapp, etc) with all the info needed for your upcoming dinner. We love to include: 

  • A list of the ingredients needed for your dinner recipe 

  • A playful dress code (e.g. bring a Christmas hat)  

  • Any materials they may need (paper and pens etc) 

  • Tips for the tech set up (e.g. lighting, webcam, speaker)

  • A reminder to download and test run the program (e.g. Zoom, MS teams)

3. Do a test run with the one person from the hybrid location. Here you can check if if you see & hear everyone well.

4. OK now it’s the big day! Join the call early with your host counterpart in the space or online. Put on some music (playlist inspo here) ready to welcome people in as they arrive.

5. Welcome people as they join. We usually start in the kitchen, and cook the recipe together in real time, with one of the hosts walking through the steps in real time - like a cooking TV show! Channel your inner Nigela.

6. Once the food is ready sit down and eat together. If you’re on Zoom you can use the ‘share audio’ trick to listen to music together. Otherwise play music in the background in the location. Enjoy your dinner together! 

TOP TIPS: Host, remind the offline people about ‘hybrid manners’

🎤 Speak up and towards the mic

 🙋🏽‍♀️Because of the online / microphone situ you pretty much need one person speaking at a time. When together in person try not to speak over each other as the mic struggles to pick it up

🏓 Host, help the conversation ‘ping-ponging’ between online and offline 

7. Once you finish dinner, give people a little break to be ‘in their space’ as hybrid can be a bit tiring. 5-10 min to wash up, chat normally, grab a drink etc. 

8. Come back together to play a party game. Old school favourites like Charades, or 30 seconds still work really well still online, so if you have a technophobe group go for one of those. If people are up for something new, try out ‘The Fake Artists in New York.

9. Make sure you end on a high, with a virtual cheers or something similar at the camera to say goodbye and celebrate the lovely time you’ve had together. 

TOP TIP: Make a screenshot of this moment and share afterwards for some post party warm fuzzy feels.


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