Treasure Hunt


  • Time

    5-10 mins
  • Level

    2 (out of 5)

A quick lively exercise - have people race to find an object in their house and share it back on screen.


  1. Go into gallery view, and tell participants you’re about to name a ‘treasure’ they must find in their home.

  2. The first person to bring something back gets a point, and the person who brings back the most interesting gets a point.

  3. Name the treasure  (e.g: “something red”, “something shiny”, “a hat” etc.) and say GO!

  4. When they’re all back, have them hold up there items and call out  few interesting ones.

  5. Name the person who was the fastest, and another person for most the interesting item, each get to choose how they would like the group to celebrate.

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