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Presentation techniques

Presentation training is for team members who need a boost of power and strength within themselves when presenting, pitching or leading in meetings and throughout projects.

  • Bespoke
  • Curate Your Learning
  • Experience Based Learning
  • On-offline / Hybrid

What your team will learn

A training to unlock and empower hidden strength, personal style and potential. It particularly focuses on strong, effective and engaging communication with colleagues and clients alike. 

Familiarity with own presentation style, developing your confidence & authenticity on stage

Gain knowledge and insight regarding body language and how you can use your own posture to activate your presence

Tools and techniques to feel present and prepared

How to manage your nerves and deal with thinking on your feet

What our clients said

It's a Mischief Special

Bespoke training made for your team

You have needs. We have a powerhouse of expert facilitators and learning designers with a broad range of expertise who can design any type of training or program that is made uniquely to fit your needs.

More bespoke trainings for teams

Mischief Makers method

Training flow

We facilitate learning journeys, where discovering, uncovering, applying and reflecting is all part of the process by which participants learn useful skills and knowledge they can apply right away.

Live sessions

Weekly live online workshop with; knowledge share, discussions, learning by doing activities

Applied Practice

Challenges to support practice & application in your setting. Tangible tools and techniques participants can directly apply.

Curated learning content

Videos, podcasts and reads, theories and case studies on the week’s subject developed by our learning designers.

Reflection and Feedback

Formats and moments to reflect on practice and progress, including both peer and expert feedback

Frequently asked questions

What types of presentations can we apply our learnings to?

Wide range of presentations, the course is mostly about gaining confidence in your presentation skills whether this is for client pitches, speaking conferences, internal presentations, or meetings. offline online or hybrid.

Does this training only help people who do a lot of presentations in their work life?

Not necessarily, it is also worthwhile for people who foresee speaking in front of any group, at any point in the future. The confidence and capabilities built within this training can be applied across many facets of you're work-life.

Are there any requirements for signing up?

The course is open for anyone that would like an extra nudge of confidence in presenting and honing their style. We are happy to work with people from all levels regarding presenting - we facilitate an open space where peers can share and learn from one another

How big can the team be?

Approx 8-15 peeps (but noting is set in stone)

Does this work well with other trainings?

If you're speaking in front of a group often, you'll likely be leading a group often. The best work isn't about standing at the front sending, it's about getting your 'audience' or participants actively involved. For this, our Leading Groups training is a great addition to further building your professional capabilities.

What does it mean that you can do it online, offline and hybrid?

We're equipped and experienced in running this training, in each mode. There may be additional costs if it is delivered hybrid and additional tech or facilitators are required, but everything is within reach.

Once again though, what do you mean by facilitation?

The dry definition: "Facilitation is a process that trainers, team builders, meeting leaders, managers and communicators use to add content, process and structure to meet the needs of an individual, group or team. In an overall description, facilitation is used to help a group of people to achieve their goal, their reason for holding the meeting."
The Mischief definition: "Empowering."

How can I mess this up?

By not signing up for this training.

Meet your facilitators

Our programs are led by the Mischief Makers dream team, trained by trailblazing institutes like Hyper Island and Kaos Pilots; bringing their facilitation experience from a broad range of client meetings, workshops, and events.

Ophelie Dubois


A jack of all trades with a passion for innovation, sustainability and multi-cultural exchange; her ready-to-go attitude is unbeatable.

Lete Hulscher

Lead Facilitator

With an eye for detail and relentless energy, Lete transforms & gatherings into smooth experiences. In true mischief spirit, she always has a good story to tell.

Katharina Jacobi


She’s a curious mind combining creativity with structure; always inviting people in, taking care that they’re included and bringing warm friendly vibes.

Mischief Expert facilitators

Associate Facilitators

To experience different facilitation styles you’ll be trained by a diverse range of facilitation experts throughout the program.

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