Case StudyWieden & Kennedy / Facilitation Transformation

Facilitation Transformation

How our collaboration works

  1. Scope Needs

  2. Co-create

  3. Run Pilot

  4. Integrate Wider Strategy

  5. Roll Out!

The Challenge

Empowering Wieden & Kennedy to stay ahead of the curve, by arming their employees with the skills they need to meet 'the new world of work'. From boosting authentic confidence, to transforming meetings and workshop through facilitation skills capability building. Mischief becoming Wiedens Facilitation Partners is the best collaboration since Gucci and North Face.


  • Future-proofing Wieden & Kennedy employees in delivering engaging (hybrid) work to clients.

  • Creating a shared language regarding the importance and power of facilitation amongst the Wieden & Kennedy staff.

  • Increased confidence in guiding conversations and presenting in front of a group (internally and externally)

  • A culture of continual learning, evolving and adapting to the demands of the new world of work

So far we've been tapping into three buckets

  1. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Gravitas Training, Presentation Training, Facilitation Coaching

  2. FUTURE OF WORK READY: Facilitation Training, Virtual & Hybrid Meeting Guide, Living Learning Hub

  3. FACILITATION ON TAP: Workshop & Seminar Event, Excellent Facilitators for High Stake Sessions, Team Days

“I feel much more confident about bringing my own identity in the way I present myself to others”

MARGOT PAQUIENAccount Director, Wieden & Kennedy

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