Case StudyWeTransfer / Facilitation Transformation

Facilitation Roll-Out

The Challenge

How might we introduce the fundamentals of facilitation, to level up meetings within WeTransfer?

Mischief Approach

We co-created a bespoke Foundation level ‘Meeting Hosting’ training for WeTransfer. After running a number of trainings, this is now part of the onboarding process and together we’re crafting a deep dive roll out. Our bespoke, but public WeTransfer meeting guide will be launched this Spring.

So far we have been tapping into these 3 buckets

  1. BUILT VIRTUAL FACILITATION CAPABILITIES: Bespoke Hosting Training, Coaching, Bespoke deep dive

  2. RESOURCES AND MATERIAL CREATION: Interactive Meeting Guide, Hosting Podcasts

  3. FACILITATION ON TAP: Team Days, Speaking Engagements

"Thanks for organizing these great sessions! The biggest takeaways for me were the very practical techniques and tips (IDOARTT, ice breakers, being a time-pessimist, etc). I notice that it's way easier than I thought to use these techniques during meetings, even if I'm just using one of them at a time."

VERA LE BLANCProject Manager, WeTransfer

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