Case StudyDutch Chamber of Commerce / Facilitation Training

Facilitation Training

The Challenge

How might we train the Dutch Chamber of Commerce advisors in facilitation and moderation enhancing their engagement and conversations with users on various (online) platforms.

Mischief Approach

Both on and offline sessions - offering experience in  the full scope and application of moderation and facilitation. Introducing techniques to connect, conversate and interact with the CoC audience immediately applicable within the advisors own practice.


  • Ongoing training for several departments within the chamber of commerce

  • Created a shared language on how to moderate on various platforms 

  • Generated insights into facilitating on and offline settings.

“The online facilitation training from Mischief Makers was very practical and useful and very well reviewed by our participants. The trainers are very experienced and know what they are talking about.”

Robert BakkerBusiness Advisor, Chamber of Commerce

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