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Hybrid Summit

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The Challenge

How might we facilitate a virtual management meeting for 340 global managers of Kramp to connect with one another, get updated on future strategies as well as sharing inspiration.

Mischief Approach

We’ve co-created the meeting agenda, consulted on presentations, trained the Kramp project team in facilitation, hosted a tech training for all participants involved in order to make the 2 hybrid summit a success. We’ve included a virtual stage to add an extra dimension to the event.


  • Generated high amount of input from the attendees using tools such as mentimeter, Mural and conversational formats like ‘World Cafe’

  • 30% of the attendees wouldn’t mind the next meeting being online instead of offline

  • 50% of the Kramp project team stepping up in facilitator roles internally

  • Decreased pressure for speakers and allowed the actual content to shine

“Hosting an event is easy - but keeping all participants connected and energized is a different ball game. That’s why we brought in Mischief Makers.”  

Ruben van der Graaf Manager IT Support, Kramp Group BV.

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