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Team Retreat


The Challenge

How might we design and facilitate a 4-day offsite for the UN SDG campaign team to create alignment and engagement on yearly goals through the development of a strategic decision making framework to improve efficiency?  

Mischief Approach

We designed a bespoke decision-making framework, to support the team strategy; derived from the ‘theory of change’ approach. This included a carefully curated process that fits the teams current needs and envisioned ways of working. The framework was brought to life during the 4-day off site through moderated discussions, brainstorm techniques and designs sprint methodologies.


  • Reignited team spirit including a clear framework to establish great work together

  • Ongoing partnership with Mischief to keep the process on track throughout 2022

  • Strategic decision making framework implemented 

“We were extremely impressed by Mischief’s ideation and brainstorm tools and approaches; by the broad array of tools customized for our needs, by the ongoing fast-paced flexibility for updating the agenda based on the emerging needs and on the evolution of the discussion. But the most remarkable added value was Mischief’s magical touch in ensuring -by the end of the sessions- to bring all the pieces together and build and inspired consensus on the critical questions we had to find answers to. We could not have done it without them."

Marina Ponti Director, UN SDG Action Campaign

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