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Online Facilitation Training

The Challenge

How might we train the 21 people from the global IFC Gender department in hosting enjoyable and productive online meetings?

Mischief Approach

5 week training in the full scope and application of online moderation and facilitation. Introducing online platforms, exercises and interventions while gaining confidence in their own style of presenting, hosting and preparing smooth running online sessions.


  • Unanimously positive feedback

  • Bespoke workshops designs and  guide made on best online practices 

  • One on one coaching calls with participants for instant personal feedback on own online practice.

“Mischief, as an expression on its own, stands for fun. Disrupting the status quo in a good way. Stands for creativity. The expression that I really love and it is the best way to describe Mischief and Mischief Makers is that it is about the journey and not just the destination.”

Sammar EssmatGender Lead, World Bank

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