No matter the context, being able to break the ice or energise a group is very useful. A good energiser makes people feel comfortable, gets them laughing and enjoy a shared experience. The effects are long-lasting and extremely beneficial. Once groups have played or done something silly together the members feel psychologically safer. It’s easier to be yourself with somebody you’ve shared a fun moment with. This leads to increased productivity, better relationships and less social anxiety.

At Mischief Makers we like to master the art of ‘faSILLYtation’. We’re not afraid of facilitating group activities that are playful, lively and fun. The power of play cannot be understated. It unlocks the potential of groups. As soon as we break through the carapace of professionalism we choose to surround ourselves with, productive work and a sense of belonging soon follow.

Even if a group seems tough, sceptical or not ready to indulge in some healthy dose of silliness - test your assumptions and make sure you frame clearly to the group why you’re introducing a certain energiser or warm up, you’ll be surprised. Don’t forget we’re all people meaning we all have kids, dogs, nieces and nephews we play with - people love to play, you just need to give them a safe space and opportunity to do.

Check out the following facilitation tools & techniques to bring in some purposeful silliness into your facilitation:


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